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What is the Most Popular Korean Shopping Item among International Tourists?

What is the Most Popular Korean Shopping Item
among International Tourists?

- Survey on Korean shopping wish list conducted among 3,000 international visitors
- For favorite Korean products, beauty came first, followed by fashion and performances


In celebration of the 2013 Korea Grand Sale, the Visit Korea Committee conducted an online survey on items that international tourists would like to purchase the most in Korea. International visitors responded that they were willing to purchase Korean beauty products (32%), followed by fashion products (23%), performance tickets (16%), and food and groceries (12%).


Korean beauty products ranked number one among the wish list items of all respondents. There was an overall high level of interest in Korean cosmetics from affordable brand shop products to high-priced department store brands. In addition to BB cream, a popular item that has had always found a place in the shopping bags of international tourists for the past few years, green tea-based essence by Company I, fermented essence by Company S, and snail cream by Company T were also favorite choices. This suggests that overseas tourists who are planning to visit Korea regularly obtain the latest information on Korean products. “Korean cosmetics are reasonably priced and of good quality. Once you start using them, you want to keep using them. I bought a lot during my last trip to Korea. They are almost too good to give away as gifts to friends,” Hu Li-Yu from Taiwan said.


The second, third, and fourth most preferred items among international visitors were fashion, performance tickets, and Korean food, respectively. Chen Ruqi from China, who selected Korean clothing as her most wanted item, noted that the female leads in Korean dramas always wore pretty clothes and shoes. “I also want to buy similar stylish clothes,” she said. Iinuma Tomomi from Japan, who responded would like to buy concert tickets the most, said that she visited Korea about three times a year. “I come often to watch K-pop star concerts with my daughter,” she added. Others responded that they would like to purchase clothing from specific brands advertised by Hallyu stars and to try the food eaten by characters in Korean dramas, showing that the Hallyu craze is wielding an extensive influence on shopping trends among international tourists.


The survey, titled “What’s On Your Korean Shopping Wish List?”, was conducted as an event on the official Korea Grand Sale website ( from Monday, 3 December to Friday, 25 January. It received responses from 3,025 non-Koreans who had visited Korea before or who were planning to visit in the near future. In terms of the respondents’ nationality, 55% were from Greater China, 21% were from Japan, 16% were from Southeast Asia, and 6% were from Europe and America.


What is the Most Popular Korean Shopping Item among International Tourists

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