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Find more information about special events and activities the Visit Korea Committee is involved in here!

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Visit Korea Year Business Information session in Japan (Osaka, and Nagoya)


Visit Korea Year
Business Information session in Japan (Osaka, and Nagoya)

On February 23rd, we held a business information session for overseas tour agency
staff and media in Japan (Osaka, Nagoya). This session highlighted some fabulous
tourist attractions in Korea and informed them of some incentives for
bringing foreign tourists to Korea. Would you like to join us?

Visit Korea Year


In Osaka, a business information session was held in Nuotani Hotel where located around Osaka Castle.

In Osaka, a business information session was held in the Nuotani Hotel, which is just
50 minutes from the airport and near Osaka Castle.
While not a new structure, the hotel’s décor was
elegant. Prior to the events, we greeted
all staff members of theMinistry of Tourism
and the Lotte Hotel.

We strung a Visit Korea Year banner inside the
event hall, and prepared souvenirs and pamphlets
on the Visit Korea Year for all the attendees.


Right after 30 min. the press interview, event had begun. Many local travel agency staffs and media staffs attended for this event. Even though we never expected many people would participate for it, more than 250 people attended for this event.

A press conference was held with members of the
foreign media before the events. Many counties
expressed interest in 2010-2012 Visit Korea Year. |Reporters from Asahi and Yomiuri Newspapers
and others were interested in the incentive business.

Manager Han Gwang-Hee from the Global Marketing    
Team presented the Visit Korea Year information ▼  
We had a foreign press interview before we started events. Many counties were interested in 2010-2012 Visit Korea Year. Many reporters participated in events from Asahi newspaper, Yomiuri Newspaper etc. Especially, they were interested in incentive business.

 Following the 30-minute press conference, the events got underway. Many local travel agency staff and
media staff were in attendance. More than 250 people attended,
far more than we anticipated. Would you like to see some pictures?

Manager Han Gwang-Hee from the Global Marketing Team introduced the Visit Korea Year. 
The presentation highlighted the Hallyu Dream Festival in Gyeongju,
the Korea Food Festival in Jeonju, the Busan International Fireworks Festival and many other events. 


For the next, the performance of the ‘Morning Star Culture Performers’ had begun.

Following the introduction, a performance of the ‘Morning Star Culture
Performers’ began with 2 gayageum ★ players, a DJ, and 2 B-boys.
Can you imagine how wonderful it was?

★The gayageum is a traditional Korean Zither-like string instrument,
with 12 strings, although more recent variants have 21 or
other numbers of strings.
After the gayageum players performed, they were joined
by a hip-hop group for an unusual but entertaining performance.
The performance highlighted traditional Korea Culture
and demonstrated the feelings of passion felt by Koreans everywhere.
Are you wondering how audiences reacted when they saw this remarkable performance?
Even the hotel’s staff loved to watch and they give them a big hand!!
 We moved to Nagoya by bus after finishing the Business Information
session in Osaka. We arrived at the Nagoya Western Castle Hotel
around midnight. It is a short, 10-minute walk from Nagoya Castle.
The next morning(February 24th),
we held a Visit Korea Year information session.

Beginning with Osaka and Nagoya in Japan, we held business information sessions in Taipei (March 1st),
in Fukuoka, Japan (March 9th), and in Tokyo on the 10th. We moved to Sendai on the 11th
and were in Guangzhou, China from the 25th ~ 28th. We had ample opportunities to inform
local travel agency staff of the beautiful travel sights awaiting tourists to Korea. 

Please make every effort to promote Korea as an attractive tour site to all foreigners.